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As a wedding & special event florist, I pride myself in creating fresh, innovative and timeless floral work. My inspiration is fueled by the glorious west coast, rustic, rural scenery that surrounds us here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

My floral studio is based in Pitt Meadows which I own with my fiance, and we travel and deliver all over Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. (I design and create everything, he does the heavy lifting and structural work :-) ) 

 Having a natural passion for flowers, nature and design helps me to create unique floral collections that reflect the vision of each bride, groom and event perfectly!

My journey to become a floral designer began many years ago! As a child, I always favored the arts. I was constantly finding new ways to be creative and would always find projects to make. I made jewelry boxes, sewed clothes, painted designs on my bedroom walls and even made a huge cardboard kingdom for my Hamster, Billy. 

This curiosity for being creative led me to study Art, Design & Photography at College in the UK and subsequently, I graduated University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. This led me to a very successful career working in TV, film and special FX production in both the UK & Canada.

My creative needs never left me. I always loved flowers and would have fresh cuts throughout my home every week. In 2002 I met a fantastic wedding florist and in my spare time I would help her prepare for weddings. After a few years, I had my first official wedding of my own. My friends asked me to be their wedding florist and I jumped at the opportunity. I knew that I had found my calling. 

In 2012, my family and I decided to make a huge change and move to Canada. It was a big step into the unknown but also a huge opportunity to start a new life with new adventures.

  Since moving to Canada, I have been fortunate enough to work in two prestigious floral stores in Port Moody, BC and have learned many, many valuable skills. Taking the step to become a wedding florist was one that felt the most natural and it's been a dream working with so many wonderful people.

Another big life event happened in 2017 when I met my, now, future husband. Together, we have 5 beautiful children and 2 crazy dogs. We found a home together in Pitt Meadows and moved here in 2019.

Fremont Flower Company has been very much a joint effort with my fiance and I. The company has been born out of love, determination and utter devotion. My fiance is my support, my biggest fan and my soul mate. 

Planning a wedding can be stressful but I like to think that planning the florals should be the best and most fun part! I work closely with my couples and let the flowers do the talking. Knowing that I am part of something so special and important is beautiful and I feel very honored. 

 I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your individual floral needs, no matter the size!


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